Do you accept insurance?

Insurance coverage for medical nutrition therapy varies greatly among insurance carriers.  With this in mind, we have created an insurance guide for you to utilize when you call your insurance company to find out more about your plan's coverage for nutrition care.  You can find this guide under our "Forms" tab. 

What age range of clients do you see?

Mid Atlantic Nutrition happily accepts clients of all ages.  The parents of children and often children and adolescents will also be included in all or part of our sessions to be sure our recommendations work for the whole family.

​What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A registered dietitian is required to complete a Bachelor's Degree in nutrition or a related area of study as well as complete a dietetic internship and pass a national registration exam.  In addition, to maintain the credential of Registered Dietitian, the dietitian is required to log continuing education hours to be sure he/she remains current in the field.  

There aren't any requirements to use the term nutritionist. 

Will you communicate with my doctor?

With the client's permission, the dietitian will gladly work with your doctor (or any other members of your medical team) to provide the best care.  It is ideal for all medical providers to communicate with one another. A release of healthcare information form will need to be completed before communication can occur.

Do you have evening appointments?

We currently offer evening appointments on several evenings throughout the week in an effort to accommodate the schedules of our clients.  The dietitian will work with you to find a time that will fit!

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is a philosophy of eating based on responding to natural cues of hunger and fullness to regulate eating.  We promote including a full range of foods to provide both nutrition and pleasure.  We do not believe in strict meal plans or restrictive plans of any kind. 

Do you offer weight loss plans?

The research is clear that diets do not work. In addition, dieting and restriction can cause physical and psychological harm. With this in mind, we do not support diet or weight loss plans.  We do work with clients to repair and restore their natural intuitive eating pattern.