Danielle Parris, MS RD LDN

Nicole Keever, MS RD LDN

Meet the Dietitians:

Nicole Keever, MS RD LDN

Nicole Keever completed her Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition & Dietetics as well as her dietetic internship at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Nicole had the privilege of working at a leading inpatient treatment center for women and girls with eating disorders in Phoenix, Arizona for over 6 years.  While living in Arizona, Nicole completed her Master's of Science in  Human Nutrition and Metabolism.

After returning to the Lancaster area, Nicole continued her specialization in nutrition therapy by counseling patients pre and post bariatric surgery.  She also established Mid Atlantic Nutrition Specialists.  Throughout her time working in the hospital system, Nicole continued to treat clients through Mid Atlantic Nutrition.

Nicole has also enjoyed the opportunity to write for various blogs, newsletters, and publications.  You may have also caught a glimpse of her on Fox 43 News.  She has appeared in several segments to discuss a variety of nutrition topics ranging from healthful school lunch options to challenging obesity.  See the links to the left to check out a few of her appearances.

The common theme throughout all of her areas of practice is the idea that food is more than just food.  In our culture, food represents so much more.  Establishing a peaceful and non judgmental relationship with food frees us to be able to eat the foods that actually make us feel good.  This is at the core of all nutrition therapy that Nicole provides.  

Danielle Parris, MS RD LDN

Danielle received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, completed her dietetic internship with Penn State University, and recently graduated with her Masters of Science in Nutrition from Arizona State University.  

Right after completing her internship Danielle started working with the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute of Lancaster.  During her more than 4 years with BMI, Danielle counseled patients both pre and post weight loss surgery, along with helping patients with diabetes, prenatal nutrition, and women with PCOS.

In recent years, Danielle has added the specialties of nutrition care for clients with IBS and GI issues, as well as those with cardiology concerns. Through her own journey with wellness, Danielle became fascinated with integrative medicine and is working towards her certification in Integrative and Functional Nutrition.  

Danielle approaches a healthy lifestyle with a "find what works for you" attitude, recognizing that each patient has unique nutritional needs and requires personalized care.  She can work with you to identify what healthy foods and behaviors will fit into your life - nourishing your body and optimizing your health potential.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband, Taylor, and fur baby, Olive.  They like to go hiking in the mountains or spend a lazy day re-watching “The Office” for the thousandth time.  Danielle also loves cooking, and shares her creations on her health and wellness blog, www.healthyvittlesandbits.com.