Each of our dietitians offer individual counseling sessions.  Our care is personalized to your needs and your unique nutrition journey- nothing about our care is "cookie cutter."  You will work with your dietitian to establish your treatment goals and the best plan to achieve them.  Depending on your situation and goals, we are able to customize our sessions to include 1:1 conversations in the office, phone/video conference sessions, 1:1 cooking and meal experiences, grocery shopping trips, and more.  We utilize only research based and scientifically valid nutrition approaches. 

Depending on your insurance policy, individual Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions may be covered by insurance.  We recommend calling your insurance company to find out more about your coverage. We have a guide to support you in this call in the Forms section of our website. 


We offer a variety of nutrition groups.  

Several times a year Danielle offers an Instant Pot class which features everything from grocery lists to recipes.   You will watch her create each of the featured dishes and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to taste test each of them!

For clients who believe they would benefit from support at meal times, we offer Therapeutic Meals several times per week.  For more information about this recovery focused group, please speak with your dietitian.  This group is reserved for clients working with a dietitian at Mid Atlantic Nutrition Specialists. 


Nicole is now pleased to offer professional supervision for Registered Dietitians wishing to gain experience in the specialty of nutrition care for clients with eating disorders.  Nicole began supporting clients with eating disorders in 2004.  Over this time, she has learned how to best support clients from the nutrition perspective and is excited to share this knowledge with other professionals in the treatment community!  For more details about this option, please email Nicole directly:  nicole.midatlanticnutrition@gmail.com


Our dietitians will be happy to customize a nutrition program for your group. In the past, we have created and facilitated programs for a variety of groups including sports teams, parenting groups, professional offices, therapeutic support groups, professional organizations, and school based groups.  Contact us to have a program created specifically to meet the needs of your organization.  Cost for programs varies greatly based on amount of time presenting, program material creation, and transportation distances.