Our dietitians are available to create a custom program for your group.  We can create lunch and learn series, programs for student athletes, presentations for your professional organization, and more.

Our dietitians provide personalized nutrition counseling to support your journey towards a healthy relationship with both food and your body.

Our Services

We offer a variety of opportunities in group settings such as therapeutic meal support, hands on Instant Pot classes, and Intuitive Eating Workshops.

Nicole has over 15 years in the field and provides nutrition supervision to dietitians wishing to grow their knowledge base in Intuitive Eating, Eating Disorder Care, and Health at Every Size.

Mid Atlantic Nutrition Specialists

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101 W. Main Street, Units G1 & G2

Salunga, PA 17538

Fax: 717.618.8376

Our dietitians are passionate about caring for you!  We provide each client with personalized, research-based, compassionate nutrition care.  We believe being truly well is based upon more than numbers, therefore, we reject diets and focus on empowering each client to establish a kind and body honoring relationship with food.  All of our nutrition care is deeply rooted in science and the health at every size philosophy.  
We look forward to walking with you on your unique journey!