Morgan Skatz, RD LDN

Morgan completed her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics through West Chester University of Pennsylvania and her dietetic internship through Sodexo. 

Morgan’s goal as a dietitian is to end disordered eating and see everyone enjoy food again. She specializes in working with families with children of all ages. She empowers parents to raise their children as intuitive eaters and to respect their bodies. She enjoys helping families work through concerns associated with limited food acceptance, baby-led weaning, family meal times, and more! She loves to see disordered eating/eating disorders prevented by putting in positive work as early on as possible. 

She also works with young adults and adults on Intuitive Eating and hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery. She wants everyone to know how good they have the potential to feel.

When Morgan is not seeing clients she is most likely spending time with her husband, hiking the trails of Lancaster County, blogging, or mindlessly watching Netflix.