Registered Dietitian, Danielle Parris is leading an online, 12 week, live group coaching program that will walk you through the 10 principles of intuitive eating and help you apply these principles in your own life!  Danielle helps chronic dieters stop restricting, bingeing, and obsessing over food and body so they can stabilize their weight, eat foods they love, and improve their physical and mental health. Get ready to give up dieting once and for all! You will gain the confidence you need to eat in a way that honors your body and makes you feel great!

Are you a parent of young kids? Are you struggling with feeding your child, and/or hoping to prevent them from having a disordered relationship with food in the future? This course is for you! In this self-paced, four module course, Morgan walks you through the essential basics to raising confident eaters and preventing disordered eating. This course is ideal for parents who have children between the ages of 1 and 10 years old. It consists of four pre-recorded videos. 

For additional information, including registration for the Eat For Life, please visit our full Eat For Life page 

In this incredibly thorough 4 week workshop, Registered Dietitian Danielle Parris teaches you the process of expertly planning and executing a weekly meal plan.  Most online meal plan programs offer you already created menus, that don't take into account your schedule, your dietary preferences, and your level of comfort in the kitchen.  In this course, Danielle teaches you the skills you need in order to plan out meals and snacks that will suit not only your tastebuds, but that are nutritionally balanced, and match your schedule so that what you plan actually ends up on your plate!  The tools in this workshop will you last you and your family a lifetime.