Our services

Your Registered Dietitian can help you rediscover a joyful relationship with food! Grocery shopping, cooking, and dining at restaurants can be a source of pleasure rather than stress.

Welcome to Mid Atlantic Nutrition Specialists, LLC. ‚ÄčEach of our dietitians prides herself on providing each client with personalized, research-based, compassionate nutrition care.  We believe being truly well is based upon more than numbers, therefore, we reject diets and focus on empowering each client to establish a kind and body honoring relationship with food.  All of our nutrition care is deeply rooted in science and the health at every size philosophy.  

Mid Atlantic Nutrition Specialists offers nutrition support for several primary specialty areas:

  • Eating Disorder Care
  • Intuitive Eating
  • PCOS Support
  • Pediatrics (including limited food acceptance)

Each of these specialty areas shares one common goal: creating a peaceful, body honoring relationship with food. We will help you discover the truth- your body is and always has been working for you, not against you!